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Graphic by Sonia verma 

a recap

by Ananya Chaudhary, Nameek chowdhury, KRISH DEV, Manas Kottakota, Aditya Shukla, and ESHIKA TIwari


examining the process for creating homecoming skits

2023 skit rehersal  (1).jpg

With scripts in hand, seniors Jaewon Shim (right) and Darpan Singh (left) practice their lines for the skit.  Photo by Krish Dev

“Everyone in the group is putting in their A game, trying to do the best they can in front of the audience and trying to make our class win,” Raina said. “Because that’s the whole point — to win the competition.” 

The class of 2026

Freshmen time travel with a “Back to the Future” themed skit


Freshman Courtney Masli strikes a pose during the girls’ dance. Photo by Aditya Shukla

“I think it went really well,” Ramachandran said. “We put in a lot of time over the weekend and  outside of school. We [also] came here at seven in the morning to practice, so all that effort really paid off in the end. We performed the best that we [could] do, and that was great.”

The class of 2025

Sophomores perform a “Jurassic Park” themed skit featuring dances and dinosaurs


Sophomores Vibhav Pata, Ishi Chopra and Peter Chen converse with the dinosaur, played by sophomore Aneesh Boddu.  Photo by Manas Kottakota

“It was great to be part of something like this,” Boddu said. “The crowd was pretty big, bigger than I expected. A lot of people told me they were laughing [along with the skit] and it was fun — the crowd was amazing.”

The class of 2024

Juniors kick off Homecoming Week with a “Ghostbusters” themed skit


The Class of 2024 celebrates with confetti at the end of its performance. Photo by Krish Dev

“My favorite part of the dance was definitely the last part when Matthew Lau hit the windmill, and we went to the Indian dance because it brought the crowd into it and [represented] our Indian community,” Raina said. “Everyone [being] hyped up was a really nice moment.”

The class of 2023

Seniors travel to a galaxy far far away in a “Star Wars” themed skit


Seniors celebrate with a pose at the end of the boys’ dance. Photo by Anna Jerolimov

“From an objective point of view, [the dances] definitely could have been better,” Xu said. “We could have prepared a little bit earlier, but subjectively, I think it’s very ‘us’. I feel like our little quirk is doing everything last minute and still coming together to put everything together. It’s our teamwork [that] really showed with this performance, and I’m proud of that.”

Homecoming 2022 winds down 

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 12.32.18 PM.png

Freshmen and Homecoming Court members Courtney Masli and Shivansh Kelkar celebrate on stage during halftime. Photo by Krish Dev.

Getting nominated for Homecoming Court was a pleasant surprise for senior Lourdes Diaz as she initially believed that she hadn’t been elected. She had to make a last-minute outfit change from a formal black dress to her mother’s old bridesmaid’s dress, which coincidentally was the same shade of purple as MVHS’ school color. She sees a similarity between her experience in the Homecoming Court and the Class of 2023, as both have experienced last minute changes, but they work out in the end.  

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